Datacubes information

How we can export all information from a data cube which is a month composite? I would like to see the metadata of datacubes that obtains all information about bands, time of acquisition and etc.

I want to get this results befre it will be executed this command results.download_file() as it is the time consuming and it would be great to know it in advance

For example:

1 x 466380, 466580, 466780, 466980, 467180, 467380 10m
2 y 7167130, 7166930, 7166730, 7166530, 7166330, 7166130, 7165930 10m
3 bands blue, green, red, nir 4 bands
4 t 2020-10-01, 2020-10-13, 2020-10-25 12 days

Hi Andrea,
unfortunately, having all information already requires us to read a lot of data. For instance, if a workflow masks out clouds, the availability of observations really differs per pixel, so we can not easily make a prediction that tells you which dates you’ll get.
It does seem however that you are using batch jobs, which indeed have a large overhead. What I do personally is to work on a small area and use a direct download call in combination with netCDF. This will return a lot faster, and gives you a good view on the datacube that you’re working on.

There’s also some other general recommendations for interactive working. I in fact made a detailed overview in this notebook:

It’s more than 10 months old already, but should still be relevant enough.

We do get the question more often, and are often thinking about how to improve this yourself, so let us know if you have any ideas, or if these suggestions are already helpful!

best regards,