Processes unavailable

Dear all,
it seems that the processes are not available at the moment. Maybe some vesion bump that didn’t work. Tried with the backend via R-Client and Web-Editor:

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confirmed, I can reproduce

$ curl -i
HTTP/2 500 
{"code":"Internal","id":"eac2f26c-8f0e-4e5c-bd56-8c78b303e054","message":"Only single version is supported, but found: {'1.1.0', '1.0.0'}"}

looking into it

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underlying reason is that aggregator uses

the aggregator is apparently picky about this

I’ll quick-fix it by switching VITO backend url to 1.0 variant

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should be fixed now

$ curl -i 
HTTP/2 200 

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@stefaan.lippens, thanks for the quick-fix… can confirm it’s working again!