Access to openEO Platform for trial users expired

Due to a bug in our system 30-day trial users may have been able to use openEO Platform services longer than the intended 30 days. We have fixed that bug today and some of you now might receive an error that you have an insuffcient role to access the platform.
If you want to continue using the platform please apply as an Early Adopter or use the Network of Resources to book a package for your project. Go to for more information.

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How would you find out that you are being denied access? Certain error code / message? My connection with the backend using the python client now hangs, so that is why I am asking :wink: .

As reported by @stefaan.lippens , you should get this kind of error:

OpenEoApiError: [403] PermissionsInsufficient: 
Proper enrollment in openEO Platform virtual organization is required.

Your status had indeed expired, can you try again now?

Looks good!