Add a time acquisition

Could you implement the acquisition time to the results of “timeseries _json_to_pandas”. I think many user can beneficial from that

Hi Andrea,
the problem is that our data cubes in openEO are currently aggregating all data into daily composites. More granular acquisition times would mean that the time dimension would expand a lot, as there are usually differences of seconds or milliseconds between neighboring EO products.

Would you be able to elaborate a bit on why you would like to know the exact time? It could reveal a use case that we are not yet aware of.

I’m also thinking of 2 potential ways to get to the acquisition time:

  • A catalog query for a given polygon would return original EO product metadata, which also contains exact timings.
  • We want to return input product references into the metadata of output products. That could be a shortcut to give you that info.

best regards,

The exact time can be relevant for the detection of black ships when precise time is crucial.

Hi Andrea,
indeed, nice use case! I gave it some thought, and there might be options for us to add more granular time info. Would you need it up to the second, or is minutes sufficient?
Only problem is that it’s not something to do on the very short term, as it might disturb some existing workflows. Do you have some indication on priority for you, or would it be an option to retrieve more exact timing info using a catalog query?