Adding metadata to my datacube

Hi all!
For an interactive application, I want to save some results in the backend. When saving as the gtiff format, the data is saved as a Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG) which I want to query. When saving my images, I get one COG per timestep. I would like to ensure that I am downloading the timestep that I am expecting. When looking at the result from the, e.g.:

with as src:

I am not getting any information on my timestep. I am seeing some information about the timestep in the url, but it would be cleaner and more flexible for me to add some metadata. How would I go about that?

Hi Jaap,

due to “historical” reasons, our job exports as STAC are a bit off the norm. Ideally, we would generate a STAC Item per timestamp and link to them from a Collection. That’s probably something we should put on our roadmap as rasterio could then read the STAC metadata directly.

Maybe one of the back-end implementers has a better short-term idea though.

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@jeroen.dries : as you are more familiar with the geotiff writer in VITO backend: I guess it’s possible to put a bit more metadata in the geotiff files?

I see two options:

  • writing timestamp in the standard date field of the tiff
  • stac metadata improvements: this is already ongoing because it’s also needed for load_result