Auth in JupyterLab with python client library

The documentation page JupyterLab (Python) | openEO Platform Documentation nicely describes “…but unfortunately you need to authenticate with the Python client again! We’ll try to remove this annoyance in the future…” which reflects our thinking about the user journey in the EuroDataCube JupyterLab environment.

Do you have concrete ideas here already on how we can achieve this for EDC users (meeting requirement to have their EDC account authenticated via EGI plus they also have a subscription on openEO platform)?

The only idea I have right now is that we would probably need a JupyterLab extension that tries to get the refresh/access tokens from the Jupyter authentication procedure and provides them via config file or env variable to the Python client. But in the end, Jupyter and the Python client are two different entities with potentially different authentication flows and as such are not necessarily meant to share authentication details.