Batch processing error

Hi, I am trying to extract information from Kenya using Sentinel2_L1C and Sentinel1_GRD but I got long process hours and also unable to extract the information. Now, i running out of credits again. Could you please suggest the reliable sentinel collection that ease out the data extraction process?

Dear @silchu777 , could you please share the full code (python, R, …) that you are using so that we can reproduce the issue?

Based in the format of the job id it also seems you are not using the openEO Platform backend ( Are you using or perhaps?

For data in Kenya, the backend at will give you better performance. You currently use the Terrascope backend, but data is fetched from Sentinelhub.
I see that you also need the worldcover collection, (I remember you asking about that), we can look into activating that.

Hi @silchu777
the worldcover collection for 2021 is now available also on
It is still experimental, so not yet generally announced, but feel free to try it and give feedback.
This should help a lot in getting results faster.

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Thank You so much. I noticed that and looking forward to use it.