Changing crs within openeo


Is it possible to change the crs (reproject) of a datacube in openeo?

For the moment, I’m doing it back on my computer but I guess this can be done on the platform?


Dear @adrien.michez,

one way to do this is to load the data directly in the CRS you want to use within the load_collection process. You can specify this within the spacial extent parameter. You will find a similar option in the load_results process.

For collections where this is supported you find the available options in the collection metadata under CRS.

Edit: The CRS in the load collection process actually only specifies the CRS the coordinates of the load collection process are given in. See correct answer below.

normally the crs of the spatial extent in load_collection does not influence the projection of the result. For instance, the default CRS is EPSG:4326, but data is returned in the native projection afaik.

What should in any case work however is resample_spatial.

That’s what I thought. For me, it’s the crs of the extent provided, to be properly transformed to the default 4326 crs.

Thanks! I didn’t know about resample_spatial()… I thought it was just about spatial resolution. Thanks!

@adrien.michez You are both correct. I got confused with how we have the resample_spatial process implemented in our backend.