Chunk Polygons: Download per chunk

Hi all!

I am working with imagery over different waterbodies in a country. For now, I am using chunk_polygon to do operation over different polygons. At this moment I take an area of interest, and use chunk_polygon to map over reservoirs. This has some consequences:

  • this results in a lot of “empty” area: I am only interested in the waterbodies and a small area around them.
  • When downloading, I just obtain a large netcdf with all the reservoirs in it, and a lot of NaN values.

Is there a way of really splitting these calculations and resulting raster files when using chunk_polygon? Or should I just send a job per reservoir?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jaap,
I believe the solution to this is described here:

Can you give that a try and let me know if you have further questions?

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Thanks @jeroen.dries !

I have started to implement this, but I am getting:

OpenEoApiError: [500] Internal: Server error: NotImplementedError("filter_spatial only supports dict but got DelayedVector('')") (ref: r-9f57f006ea57436d9b1eb97862ca197e)

Any ideas what may be the cause?

Hi @jaaplangemeijer,

I just commited the fix (support delayed_vector in filter_spatial · Open-EO/openeo-python-driver@6ba2564 · GitHub) after the automatic tests finish it should be available on the dev environment. (

Great @jeroen.verstraelen ! Is the data availability on the test endpoint identical to live?

Yes, the data available on should be identical to