Downloading daily composites

I am generating daily composites of Sentinel-2 with:

S2_2021_daily = S2_VIs_2021.aggregate_temporal_period(“day”,reducer=“median”)

job = S2_2021_daily .create_job(out_format=“GTiff”)

However, while I am getting the outputs, openEO generates tiff files even for those days that there are no image. For instance, there is no product for 2021-03-21, but it is generating a tiff file, which all values are 0.

Hey Mirmazloumi,

Interesting find. Can you share a job_id, so I can check more precisely what is happening? A job_id looks is in this format: j-240430428e7fcbf04840296c48269b9f

Hey Emile,

Here it is: vito-j-2405080703af4a7bb545d33b1e37cb71


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Thanks for the job_id.

The empty days are generated by aggregate_temporal_period("day",reducer="median")
Sentinel2 already has maximum one sample a day. Is there another reason for this line? Otherwise it can probably be dropped.



Yes, for instance there would be more than an image over an area in a day (I know this is not common). Then, I want to have the median pixel value of passing images.

If I remove the aggregate_temporal_period line, what will happen in case of having more than one image?



For Sentinel 2, we already do some kind of daily aggregation, so aggregate_temporal_period should not be needed.
For Sentinel 3 it is needed explicitly.