Drop dimension failure

When using drop_dimension("t") on a datacube with one value of “t”, my job fails with error:

File "/data1/hadoop/yarn/local/usercache/jaapel/appcache/application_1648799794287_26304/container_e5018_1648799794287_26304_01_000001/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/geopyspark/geotrellis/layer.py", line 2623, in __init__ raise TypeError("levels are neither list or dictionary") TypeError: levels are neither list or dictionary 

For reference: id: 907d2df5-a317-4ca9-8e8c-36dc2a33fc0b VITO prod backend.

Indeed, that’s clearly broken. This needs more testing, but I also tried for a quick fix:

A fix for this is now on our dev endpoint.

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Can confirm that this works on dev!
Did get some of the same errors before it started working though, any ideas?

There was a second deploy right before that successful job.
I’m guessing that the first deploy had not yet picked up the change then, apologies for notifying incorrectly!

No problem, thanks for the fix!