EGI check-in problem


I have an exam at the end of this week. To wrap up our project I wanted to get some more images but the authentication through EGI doesn’t work anymore.
Whenever I try to authenticate it says: “KU Leuven Association does not return a persistent identifier to help us uniquely identify you.” While just a few weeks ago this worked fine.

Is there anything I could do to resolve this?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Robbe,
this is quite likely a problem between EGI and KULeuven. It is usually best to contact your KULeuven IT department, so that they can get in touch with EGI.
There is also a backup option that might work by selecting the terrascope identity provider and using
@stefaan.lippens do you know if this could be an option?

best regards,

Thank you, Jeroen!
I was able to authenticate through Terrascope.