Error when executing batch job

Hello, I am running one of the notebooks from LPS - the one of CLC change detection. So far I am pretty successful however I have encountered a problem. After running batch job and saving results I get this error while trying to open the output data

Any idea what could be the reason?

I think that @valentina.hutter created that notebook. Valentina could you help about this?


Some ideas;

  • The first xr.open_dataset filepath is missing the .nc attachment, I don’t think that matters though.

  • Can you validate that the path is correct and exists where you are running then notebook? (i.e '/home/joyvan/…/demo_data/out… ')

  • Instead of opening the datasets individually, you can try the following.

results = results_ard.download_files("./demo_data")
output_data = xr.open_mfdataset(results, engine='netcdf4')

the path was correct and all the files were there. Now I deleted the folder that was created for the output and I will process the notebook again taking into account your suggestion. I had some issues to access corine collection but now it seems to work

Hi again!

Interesting to know the paths were correct! Very strange considering that! You do not need to reprocess the notebook in it’s entirety, you can run from the download cell again and it should continue as expected! :smile: