ESA_WORLDCOVER_10M missing collection

Hey there,
It can not find any data from this collection

connection = openeo.connect("").authenticate_oidc()
start_date = '2022-12-01'
end_date = '2022-12-10'
spatial_extent  = {'west': -74.06810760, 'east': -73.90597343, 'south': 4.689864510, 'north': 4.724080996, 'crs': 'epsg:4326'}```

worldcover_cube = connection.load_collection("ESA_WORLDCOVER_10M_2020_V1",
                                            temporal_extent = [start_date, end_date],
                                            spatial_extent = spatial_extent,
                                            bands = ["MAP"])

builtup_mask ="MAP") != 50"builtup_mask.tif")

This is the error message:

**OpenEoApiError** : [400] BadRequest: Could not find data for your load_collection request with catalog ID urn:eop:VITO:ESA_WorldCover_10m_2020_V1. The catalog query had id c-f1408ee9fc2e4dc4bfc13faad299e81c and returned 0 results.

Could you let me know what is the problem please?

Hi Andrea,
that landcover layer has a date associated with it, so it’s a matter of setting a temporal extent that overlaps that date.
Can you try for instance: [β€œ2020-12-30”, β€œ2021-01-01”]


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