ESA_WORLDCOVER_10M processed with the same algorithm version?

I am working on time series, and need consistency between dates, especially for Map code 100: Moss and lichen (LCCS code A12A7)

Which years have been processed with the same version of the algorithm?

this is mostly a question for the WorldCover project, but the answer can be found on their website:
So in short, the algorithm versions for 2020 and 2021 are indeed different. You may want to read further to get more information on the actual differences, or contact them directly.

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Thanks @jeroen.dries

I understand that 2020 and 2021 used different algorithms (although I do not know how that affects LCCS CODE A12A7 in particular)

What I would like to know is where I can find LandCover from previous years (and as many as possible, for the Arctic regions) processed with always the same algorithm (whatever it is)

Could you provide the contact details of someone able to answer?

that’s a bit out of scope for this forum, as it requires detailed knowledge about various landcover products that exist in the world.
If you search for ‘land cover’ in our collections, you see that we also have corine and ‘global land cover’ layers. I however do not know if they provide info on the arctic regions…

What we can do mostly from our side, is that if you do find a product that satisfies your requirements, we can look into adding it to our data catalog, so do let us know if this is the case!

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It does not seem that Corine has any information bout moss & lichen, unless I missed it?

So far I used the Global Land Cover but that comes at 100m resolution, only 5 years with one value per year, also it is not clear if that is “compatible” with any of the algorithms used for ESA_WorldCover_10m 2020 or 2021

I will be contacting also