Export File Formats

Hi guys,

I’m investigating sample data retrieval from the R client and I’m testing to quickly retrieve a very small AOI (like 8 pixel in space) via a synchronous call. The process is a simple NDVI calculation for 3 time slices basically, which means that I have a very small raster data timeseries as return value. As I’m planning to transform it into an R object afterwards, I checked the different output formats regarding the data structure and the meta data that was shipped with it.

Inspecting the data I realized that GTiff and PNG just return the result of the last timestep. The PNG was taken just for completeness and is not really considered for data inspection. Even though it was listed as an exportable file format, CSV was not supported. The JSON looked fine and contained just the requested data. Is the JSON format of the data standardized or does it vary between openEO back-ends? And just out of curiosity, I assume it was processed at VITO, is this a direct serialization of a Python object, which might be used similarly between backends? Lastly the netCDF contained also the AOI, but a lot of data more. It contained a complete spatial chunk of 256x256 pixel. Is this intentional, like the minimal processing size for the netCDF serialization?

I hope you can answer some of the questions and the test also helps you to improve your system.

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Hi Florian,
this seems to correspond to what we know about our support for output formats.
CSV will only work for aggregated data indeed
JSON is custom, wouldn’t recommend real usage it’s more for debugging
netCDF indeed returns some ‘free’ data, but I’ll probably change this as it’s problematic for some cases

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