Failed to parse API error response: 401 ''


I try to do the but I have got this error: Failed to parse API error response: 401 ‘’ in and batch job. Can you

import openeo
con = openeo.connect(‘’)
collections = connection.list_collections()


Test Capabilities

cap = con.capabilities()


#Test Processes
datacube = con.load_collection(“CGLS_LAI300_V1_GLOBAL”)
datacube = datacube.filter_bbox(west=16.138916, south=48.138600, east=16.524124, north=48.320647, crs=4326)
datacube = datacube.filter_temporal(extent=[“2017-01-01T00:00:00Z”, “2017-03-10T23:59:59Z”]) #filter_daterange
datacube = datacube.max_time()

Failed to parse API error response: 401 ‘’

job = datacube.send_job()
if job:
print(“Job ID is None”)

Failed to parse API error response: 401 ‘’

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you

Hi, you are not logged in. You need to login after connecting to the back-end. See details here:

I guess you also want to connect to instead of VITO.

The error message should likely be more user-friendly, indeed. cc @stefaan.lippens

hmm, that is strange indeed, the response body is empty, while the error message should indeed be something like

> con.describe_account()
OpenEoApiError: [401] AuthenticationRequired: Unauthorized. (ref: 9ed86829-d351-4387-b788-224e291b783f)

@jeroen.dries do we have (new) middleware processing for unauthorized /result requests? Because I don’t see the unauthorized /result request reaching the web app (which would have given an error response with correct error json body)

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Thank you, I logged but now I have got this message:

I dont’ know what happened

That looks like an actual bug, can you try removing ’ crs=4326’ in the ‘filter_bbox’?

Thank you. Yes, I remove ’ crs=4326’ and It works.

note to self: this is being handled under EP-4173