Feature_index column in csv output format


I am a little bit confused about the feature_index column in the csv output format (in my case after applying aggregate_spatial for multiple small polygons). Not sure if I missed something, but I couldn’t find any documentation on this.

To give an example, the output for batch job j-c0b4ee7025bf4369a77f7294323e9140 has a column “feature_index”. I should note that my geojson input does not have an explicit “geojson feature id” for each feature. So what does the feature_index represent exactly? Can I assume that the order of the rows in the csv output is still the same as the order of the features in my input geojson?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Margot,
the feature_index column is the index in the original geojson or geometry file that you provided.
So the rows in the csv are not necessarily in the same order, but you rather have to use the feature_index column to join original features with the csv!

I understand now, thank you, Jeroen