fuseTS error

Hi all,

there seems to be a problem with the fuseTS toolbox, in case for the MOGPR mapping. Early March I managed to produce gap filled maps of my own .tifs stored in Terrascope, using the openEO fuseTS MOGPR function. However, I saw on GitHub, there have been several updates last week. Ever since then, the mapping produces me an error when I submit it as a batch job, and I can not interpret the errors myself. Please help me with this:

These are my job IDs, early march these worked flawlessly, however right now they give me errors:

Thanks in advance

Hi David,
I investigated, it turns out that these jobs failed because a cluster operator unexpectedly triggered a restart of docker on the cluster, causing these jobs to fail.
Normally no credits should be charged for this.
Cluster operators will try to find a way to do this kind of maintenance without triggering restarts, or will schedule a proper maintenance window in the future.

Related to FuseTS and MOGPR, a performance issue was also logged yesterday, but not sure if it affects you:

@david.kovacs could you not open multiple topics for the same question? This does not speed up support, rather the opposite.

Thank you.