Google Earth Engine login


I am trying to login to GEE via openeo using R and I cannot do it using my user and password. Is there a way to generate a token in GEE to do that, like in the GEE Python API?

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Google Earth Engine is not part of openEO Platform and as such you can’t login to it with your openEO Platform credentials.

The GEE driver had been implemented in the previous openEO project, but it is only a proof of concept and not meant to be used in production. The credentials for the GEE driver are test credentials (“group” + a number) that are separate from the Google credentials.


I was trying to connect using my GEE credentials (username and password) but I guess the issue is probably that I use an academic account, which authenticates via my institution. I have seen a lot of examples in the openEO documentation using GEE collections and this is why I thought it could be used. You should probably mark them as deprecated if there is no way to connect to them via openEO, if I understood you correctly. I am using the latest openeo development R library.



Please note that openEO is not equal to openEO Platform.
openEO is the open-source API and process specification (including the software ecosystem) that openEO Platform is based on. openEO Platform is a specific implementation of the openEO specification.

GEE is still available for testing purposes through openEO, but it is not part of openEO Platform.
The openEO GEE implementation is not based on Google’s authentication system. I can send you test credentials if you’d like to try something on GEE. Please let me know.

Otherwise, you should also be able to run mostly all use cases that run on GEE on openEO Platform.

Thanks, I see now. It would be great to try the examples but I guess I would need to login with the test credentials you mention, right? I would like to test it.



I’ve sent you GEE credentials via e-mail.