Job is queued

Hey all,

Some of my jobs are in a queue for a few hour. Any update?

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Hi Andrea,
I found your jobs. They triggered processing of CARD4L Sentinel-1 backscatter, which caused queueing initially, but that part is now done. I’m still figuring out why they do not go on with the next processing step.
You could try running the same job against our production endpoint (, which should be up to date with some of the improvements we integrated for you.

best regards,

I found the root cause, and fixed it. Also triggered those two jobs again, they might still finish successfully.
Jobs submitted before the fix might be stuck in queued still, so let me know if you have any!

Hey Jeroen,
This job got queued again (ca.1h). Is there another problem?

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The job is indeed still waiting to start, cluster admins are checking if there’s a problem!

Super, let me know when it will be ready.

It actually started to run after 1.5h or so, but failed:
Invalid Extent: xmin must be less than xmax (xmin=-74.06828220890522, xmax=-179.99982833862782)\

The cluster admins looked deeper into it and applied another round of parameter tuning to try and fix the root cause. Fingers crossed that we get rid of this!

any update? :face_with_monocle:

Hi Andrea,
the situation seems to be better, but is not yet entirely fixed. We do have better monitoring in place so can notice faster when it’s occurring.
Did you still have noticeable issues or hanging jobs?