Job queque

There are a few jobs which are queued already 1-2 days. Is there any reason behind?

  • j-c9dbeb92b6a64ac2bbad2ec49df96d1c
  • j-7aa358f0dbc44fe69f55a785dd6b5919
  • j-c221653ed1aa4ea0a9a13bf5d1a3e163

Do you have a precise/rough estimate (date+time) when you submitted and started these jobs?

what openeo connection url were you using?

On my end they seem to be running on the cluster now, do they still have state “queued” for you?

I submitted last Monday but I can not see them on the web Editor. However, I can see two jobs from yesterday, which I run it after 5pm and it was in a queque until this morning (you can see it in printscreen, the last two on the bottom).
Why it takes so long in a queque?

According to a better informed colleague It’s probably due to having a lot of underlying SentinelHub batch processes and support concurrent async_task logging · Issue #165 · Open-EO/openeo-geopyspark-driver · GitHub
We are aware of the problem and are working on improving the situation