Mismatch between EOPlaza Job Status and openeo.cloud job Status

Dear openEO Platform Devs,

I have started two jobs
j-254bccbee2874f7f949c39a00cc3697d and j-402410ec10db45c79f9ef75e74ae00bf. These ended in the web editor with an error.

This mismatches with the job status at EOplaza:

Also I get deducted 31 credits for both jobs. I just want to try the platform but for me this is a bit odd that failing jobs deduct credits from my account.
Thanks for your reply!

thanks for reporting this, because the final status in EOPlaza looks indeed wrong.

It looks like your jobs are failing because you specified almost the whole world as bounding box:
{‘west’: -180, ‘south’: -56, ‘east’: 180, ‘north’: 83, ‘crs’: ‘EPSG:4326’}
The problem is that if the error is cause by user input, we cannot always detect this early enough to avoid consuming credits. Hence it’s important to always start with small jobs that work and then scale up.
Note that one way to detect errors, is via the validate call, which will try to check your workflow without incurring credit usage.

Of course, if you would incur serious credit loss that is clearly caused by malfunction, please do report it and we can for instance try to compensate the lost credits.

best regards,

Thanks, for the help the job ran now.