Missing temporal layers

Hi all, I am trying to download daily temperature data from MODIS/061/MOD11A1 using the following script in R:

gee = connect(host = "https://earthengine.openeo.org")
collections = list_collections()
formats = list_file_formats()

data3 <- p$load_collection(id = collections$'MODIS/061/MOD11A1',
                           spatial_extent= list("west" = 4.09, "south" = 50.73, "east" = 5.09, "north" = 51.25),
                           temporal_extent = list("2017-03-01", "2017-06-01"),

result3 = p3$save_result(data=data3,format = formats$output$`GTIFF-THUMB`)
job_id3 = create_job(graph=result3, title="Daily Temperature Belgium Spring 2018", description="example")
result_obj = list_results(job_id3)
download_results(job = job_id3, folder = "OpenEO_download/.")

However, when I import the downloaded file, it only contains a single layer and not the temperatures for each day during the three specified months, as I would expect.

temperature <- raster("OpenEO_download/4330296c92fc2357.tif")

class : RasterLayer
dimensions : 521, 1000, 521000 (nrow, ncol, ncell)
resolution : 0.001, 0.001 (x, y)
extent : 4.09, 5.09, 50.7295, 51.2505 (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax)
crs : +proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +no_defs
source : 4330296c92fc2357.tif
names : X4330296c92fc2357

Does anybody have a clue? Thank you!

Hi @aina.garciaraventos.

I thinks that @m.mohr might know something about it, since he is the main developer of the Google Earth Engine openEO back-end:

Maybe the issue is that it can’t store 4D data (x,y,bands,t) as geoTIFF?

Anyway, please note that this forum is mainly to discuss about the openEO Platform project (available at “https://openeo.cloud”).

I see that there’s a MODIS collection available, and the description is the following:

MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is the main instrument operating on both NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites. It acquires images of the earth in 36 bands within the visible and the infrared regions of the spectrum at low to medium spatial resolutions. MODIS is designed to provide at least daily observations of land, oceans and lower atmosphere that contribute to local or global scale land or water applications. There are several products derived from MODIS which include land, atmosphere, cryospehere and ocean products. MCD43A4 Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) product Version 6 is a MODIS land product available in Sentinel Hub. It is computed daily for each of MODIS bands 1 - 7 and it contains the most representative pixels from 16 day period temporarily weighted to the ninth day. MCD43A4.006 is available since February 2000 on a daily basis but with a 8 days delay. Sentinel Hub no longer has the latest MODIS data because the underlying data provider has ceased operations. Data from February 24, 2000 to February 10, 2023 remains accessible.

Yes, that’s correct. The openEO GEE implemementation currently can only export up to 3D.

Ok then no temporal axis can be extracted using openEO GEE, not even the aggregate_temporal_frequency process, apparently. Thank you for your clarifications!