Multiple results?


I would like to export two images from two different datacubes (one for each of the apply_dimension).

After several trials it seems that openeo graph can export several images for one datacube but can t export at the same time images from 2 different datacubes.

So today the only solution that I have is to merge the two cubes and to export the result.

But it s not very handful because the result is one image with four bands (VV,VH 2 times for the two cubes)…

I would like to get two images, I don t know if it is possible in one single graph.
Thanks for answering !


Hi Selim,
this is indeed not yet fully supported. It now only works with a special case where you insert save_result, and then continue from that node, but in your case we have two branches.
The ticket to solve this on Terrascope backend is the one below. I’ll take note that you’re also interested!

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