Newbie questions

I’m checking if I can access Sentinel etc.
for an MSc project. I’ve found the webeditor and can log in OK. Questions:
1 Copernicus says Sentinel data is free to use. What are the “credits” referred to in the webeditor.
2 Is logging in to the webeditor the only authentication required to run queries.
3. Is just a process graph enough, or is anything else required in the JSON head?
4. Can anyone recommend a really simple, complete, small scale process to get me started.
5. I tried a query. I got an error and was told the error log is not yet implemented. Is there somewhere else I should be looking to see error reasons?
Thanks for any help.


thanks a lot for trying out openEO Platform and reaching out for help here.

the raw data is indeed free, and you can download data tiles from other places (e.g. SentinelHub EO browser), but openEO platform also adds unified data access and processing functionality on top of that, which “cost” credits. Note that you get free credits in the free trial to get you starting.

I’m not completely sure what your question is, but I’ll try to answer:

  • yes, authentication is required to run queries in openEO
  • no, the web editor is not the only way to authenticate or use openEO platform, the openEO Python client is another popular option

Not completely sure what you mean with “JSON head”, but yes, a valid process graph at the top-level of your HTTP request is indeed a minimum to do a synchronous or batch job request

What environment do you have in mind? The web editor, the python client (see e.g. openEO Python Client — openEO Python Client 0.20.0a1 documentation for inspiration), or something else?

can you give some more context, e.g. screenshot of web editor you used at that point? For example, for some collections or spatial extents the error logging might be different (because of the federation aspect of openEO Platform)

The key questions for me now are:
1 How much will credits cost after I’ve used the initial free ones.
2 How can I estimate how much service I will get per credit? What is the unit of cost? Processing seconds, Gigabytes in to be processed, Gigabytes out?
Obviously with an unfunded MSc I’m wary of committing to an unknown cost.

I think most of your questions are answered on the page below. Note that most users are eligible for requesting credits via ESA network of resources.
Also the free trial account, which corresponds to a value of €10 per month will give you an idea of how high your consumption is.
Do not hesitate to ask further, or get in touch!