openEO hub and netCDF data reference systems different

On, the “TERRASCOPE_S2_LAI_V2” collection from has its spatial reference described as geodetic latitude/longitude in degrees.

However, upon downloading the data (using the python client, downloaded in netCDF format), xarray reports the x- and y- coordinates to have units in meters, e.g.:

standard_name: projection_y_coordinate
long_name: y coordinate of projection
units:  m

The values of the x- and y- coordinates are in the order of 5e6.

The code I used to retrieve the data was the following:

import openeo
connection = openeo.connect(“”).authenticate_oidc()

cube = connection.load_collection(
“south”: 51.90,
“west”: 4.20,
“north”: 52.10,
“east”: 4.40,
temporal_extent=[“2019-01-01”, “2019-12-31”],
)“”, format=“netCDF”)

indeed, there is something wrong with the data cube dimension metadata.
In fact, the reference system seems correct in the sense that it’s set to
AUTO 42001 (Universal Transverse Mercator)
but the labels are clearly in lat lon.

Thanks for reporting!