OpenEO Platform collection id can be descibe / listed, but not loaded

Hi all!

When using the openeo platform backend, I can list / describe the collection: TERRASCOPE_S2_TOC_V2, but when loading the same collection ID, I get a CollectionNotFound exception. my query is well within the boundingbox / time constraints that the collection shows.

Any ideas?

Dear @jaapel,

can you maybe share the process graph you are using with us? I just downloaded data for some area over Europe for a 10-days period in March 2021 and it worked just fine. Maybe important to note is this info on the temporal availability

Sentinel-2 top of canopy last 2 years over Europe + selected areas

and because the collection is based on Sentinel-2 data you will only get an acquisition over 1 area every 5 days.


Hi @daniel.thiex ,

Thanks for the info. The issue was indeed because of the time availability of the data.

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