OpenEO platform - download funnction & copy shareable link

Could you please inform me when the copy shareable link feature will be operational on the platform? Additionally, I would like to suggest the inclusion of functionality to download and delete folders. Currently, it is not possible to download a folder and retrieve all the data at once. It is possible to download only files.

Are you talking about sharing openEO web editor views ? Or about sharing jupyterlab notebooks (you tagged this post with “jupyterlab”)? Or something else?

I’m also not sure what you are referring to here? Is this about downloading multiple job result assets? Or is this about user uploaded assets?

I meant to share a Jupyter lab notebook, see the image:

It is not about downloading multiple jobs but about downloading data from the folder structure from Jupyter lab. e.g., WWT_Temperate_broadleaf_2023_01_2023_06

Ah ok, so both questions are about the JupyterLab environment at .
Adding @benjamin.schumacher and @christoph.reimer as this more in their realm.

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Dear @sulova.andrea,
The sharable link option is not available due to privacy reasons. The jupyterLab focuses in this respect on your workspace and therefore is constrained. We might change this option when implementing user workspaces which is one of our next actions within the next project phase.
I would like to know from your side how you would use this option exactly? Would you like to share the notebook with your colleagues to jointly work on it? What is the benefit here over a github repository?

We will have a look into the download folder option and let you know here.

@sulova.andrea a workaround would be to create a compressed folder using the command line and then download it.

tar czf name_of_directory_to_zip