openEO platform responsibilities eg subscriptions

@stephan shortly raised this topic in a meeting with various people involved in openEO today and started the discussion with @jeroen.dries :

As far as we understand it the openEO “platform” is responsible to track individual user subscriptions and to make this subscription information available to the respective openEO backends (e.g. as claim on userinfo endpoint of auth provider) to let them decide on further processing.

The openEO backend itself is responsible to communicate concretely used processing resources back to the platform to do proper accounting (e.g. split the received subscription payments to the individual openEO backends based on reported consumption). We also understood that this is not (yet?) specified in any way but there is the ETL API Docs endpoint which may serve as starting point for standardization discussions.

If we consider EuroDataCube as an additional “platform” besides it would be EDC’s responsibility to get subscription information down to the user account (so it is available to the openEO backend in the same manner). Following the existing approach this would mean to setup an egi enrollment process also for EDC subscriptions to get something like

"eduperson_entitlement": ["]

in the EGI account.

This would also mean that an openEO backend may decide to support different platforms and also to report consumption to different platform endpoints (depending on who called).

We are quite new to openEO so we don’t know too much what has been already discussed - do you agree here in general, what are your thoughts in this regard? + @daniel.thiex

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Nice question, the answer could get long, but I’ll keep it short as I’m finishing up before my holidays next week! So we’ll need to talk about this :slight_smile:
Basically, your understanding is quite correct, and in fact we ourselves have no definitive agreements yet on all of these aspects.
On the technology side, things are quite flexible: we rely on EGI because they offer a nice service, and they take care of handling our main user database, so we at least don’t need specific arrangements on that part. That being said, openEO clients can authenticate with other providers just fine, and the same goes for backend. In fact, most of our backends are doing that already: we connect with EGI for openEO platform, but in most cases also to an internal IDP, like a Keycloak setup.

So the thing to figure out is indeed the accounting and subscriptions. Both openEO and EDC components can indeed support different platforms.
I would say the initial focus should probably be on actually getting the user functionality to work, but discussing the various options for these aspects is perhaps something we can start on in parallel?

best regards!

Thanks for your answer @jeroen.dries !

We have a bi-weekly meeting slot Thu 10:30-11:00 CET for openEO<->EDC so if you are available this week I would ask @daniel.thiex to invite you so we can start discussions.

In the meantime we will initiate the process to follow your usage pattern with EGI as user subscription store to make it as easy as possible for the Sentinel Hub openEO backend to support different platforms in quite similar way.

@stefan.achtsnit I invited Jeroen on Monday, but didn’t hear yet back from him if he will be able to make it.

apologies, I plan to be there tomorrow!

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