openEO Python Client 0.9.2 release

Version 0.9.2 of the openEO Python Client Library has just been released.


  • Add experimental support for chunk_polygon process (Open-EO/openeo-processes#287)
  • Add support for spatial_extent, temporal_extent and bands to Connection.load_result()
  • Setting the environment variable OPENEO_BASEMAP_URL allows to set a new templated URL to a XYZ basemap for the Vue Components library, OPENEO_BASEMAP_ATTRIBUTION allows to set the attribution for the basemap (#260)
  • Initial support for experimental “federation:missing” flag on partial openEO Platform user job listings (Open-EO/openeo-api#419)
  • Best effort detection of mistakenly using Python builtin sum or all functions in callbacks (Forum #113)
  • Automatically print batch job logs when job doesn’t finish successfully (using execute_batch/run_synchronous/start_and_wait).

Also see Release openEO Python client v0.9.2 · Open-EO/openeo-python-client · GitHub

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