OpenEoApiError when I run UC3 - Crop type feature engineering (rule-based).ipynb file

Hello everyone…
I am new to this OpenEO platform, and I am trying to run UC3 - Crop type feature engineering (rule-based).ipynb file on visual studio via jupyter notebook. But, unfortunately I get this enrolment error as below. I signed up yesterday and today morning my account was approved with 30 days trial period.
Can anyone please let me know if I still need to complete registration process or I am missing something while running. Your help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

Hi Vinod,
the free trial account was not configured correctly yet, can you try again now?


Hello Jeroen,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, still I get the same error. Do you think is there anything else to setup in my trial account.

Vinod M

Dear @vinod.munirajaiah,
there was a small mistake on our side in setting your account up. Please check again now. I have elongated your trial access until 03/12/2022.


Hello Benjamin,

Thank you for help in setting up my account. I confirm that I am able to use the notebook without any issues.

Vinod M