Planned downtime on Jan 25th, 2022

Dear openEO Platform user,
We’d like to inform you that openEO Platform will be practically unavailable for approximately 20 minutes
on Tuesday January 25th, 2022 starting around 8:00 CET, .

openEO Platform depends on EGI Check-in for authentication, and they have a planned downtime window for maintenance reasons:

We would like to let you know that on Tuesday January 25 at 8:00 CET,
EGI Check-in will undergo a scheduled down time for approximately 20
minutes. We will be using this time to improve Check-in’s infrastructure
and service capacity.

During this maintenance window, the Check-in service will be
inaccessible. All operations around the service, including user login
and registration as well as management of Virtual Organisation members,
will resume immediately after the maintenance window.

The EGI Check-in Team

This will impact all openEO Platform functionality that requires authentication, such as logging in, executing synchronous jobs, submitting/inspecting batch jobs, downloading results, etc.
Discovery features (e.g. listing collections and available processes) should not be impacted.

Also note that batch jobs that are ongoing when the maintenance window starts should continue running uninterruptedly in most cases. Clients will just be unable to check the batch job status or download results during the maintenance window, but when the maintenance is over, job status and results should be available again.