Problems with getting the right crs with Sentinel2_L2A

Hello, I’m trying to get my datacube with the right crs for further usage. I found that you can directly specify the crs in the spatial extent. But when I’m downloading my cube as a .tiff and read the crs it is EPSG:32632.

This is my datacube:

image_cube = connection.load_collection(
“west”: coordinates[0],
“south”: coordinates[1],
“east”: coordinates[2],
“north”: coordinates[3],
“crs”: 4326,
temporal_extent=[“2022-06-01”, “2024-07-01”],
bands=[“B04”, “B03”, “B02”, “B08”],

I also tried to specify the crs like this:

“crs”: “EPSG:4326”

Which also didn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

If you specify a projection in the load_collection process, it refers to the coordinates you are using to define your area of interest and it doesn’t affect how the data is projected. You would need to add a resample_spatial process after that like in this example (adjust to your needs the parameters):

import openeo
connection = openeo.connect("").authenticate_oidc()
image_cube = connection.load_collection(
      "east": 11.382778484348773,
      "north": 46.4995225863355,
      "south": 46.4806715865526,
      "west": 11.348168578739129
temporal_extent=["2022-06-01", "2022-07-01"],
image_cube_4326 = image_cube.resample_spatial(projection="EPSG:4326",resolution=0.01)"")