Quality filters for Sentinel5P CH4 data

Hello Everyone,
I am new to openEO platform and I am trying to create and process a data cube of CH4 data from Sentinel 5P.
This is the code so far :
import openeo
connection = openeo.connect(url = ‘openeo.dataspace.copernicus.eu’)

#Creating a data cube
sat_nm = ‘SENTINEL_5P_L2’ # the satellite
sat_bands = [‘CH4’] # satellite product(s)
temporal_ext = (‘2019-01-01T00:00:00Z’, ‘2019-12-31T23:59:59Z’) # temporal range
spatial_ext = {‘west’:-0.62011, ‘south’:5.40622, ‘east’:0.71047, ‘north’:6.05675, ‘crs’: ‘EPSG:4326’} # spatial range

aoi = {
“type”: “Polygon”,
“coordinates”: [
[-0.62, 6.06],
[-0.46, 5.41],
[0.71, 5.74],
[0.54, 6.14],
[-0.62, 6.06],

cube = connection.load_collection(
sat_nm, bands=sat_bands,
# “s5p:timeliness”:[“OFFL”]
properties={“s5p:timeliness”: lambda t: t == “OFFL”}

#Aggregating by day so i don’t get multiple data per day
cube = cube.aggregate_temporal_period(reducer=“mean”, period=“day”)

create a spatial aggregation to generate mean timeseries data

cube = cube.aggregate_spatial(reducer=“mean”, geometries=aoi)

job = cube.execute_batch(title=“2019 CH4”, outputfile=“2019_CH4.nc”)

Now, what i would like to know is if the data returned would have been filtered for the necessary requirements such as qa value, SWIR precision, surface albedo, etc already.
If not, how do i edit the code to filter the data based on the specific parameters I need.

Thank you.

While not a direct answer on you question, you might also be interested in these preprocessed S5 CH4 products available on the Terrascope openEO backend (by using openEO connection url openeo.vito.be):

  • TERRASCOPE_S5P_L3_CH4_TD: Sentinel-5P Level-3 CH4 Daily Product
  • TERRASCOPE_S5P_L3_CH4_TM: Sentinel-5P Level-3 CH4 Monthly Product
  • TERRASCOPE_S5P_L3_CH4_TY: Sentinel-5P Level-3 CH4 Yearly Product

With these collections, you don’t have to do the (daily) aggregation yourself

Thank you Stefaan, I will check it out.
Does the data have global coverage?

yes, as far as I see it has global coverage