Radar Shadow

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Could you please confirm that the radar shadow is included in the ard_normalized_radar_backscatter process?

Dear @sulova.andrea,

if you use the ard_normalized_radar_backscatter process and the data got processes on the Sentinel-Hub backend the radar shadow is included in the data mask band as value 2.


@sean.hoyal Can you maybe provide some insight on if this is also included when processed on the EODC backend?

Hi @sulova.andrea @daniel.thiex

I checked internally and it doesn’t appear to be included when processed @ EODC!

As far as I am aware, the radar shadow is an extra product at EODC which is currently not exposed in openEO Platform. However, we are currently planning on another exposure of more data and can take this up on the list.

Thank you for your quick respond @daniel.thiex. I am currently using the SENTINEL1_GRD collection from the VITO backend. Could you please provide me information, if there is the data mask prepared (radar shadow)? I can not see it.

This openEO hub webpage says, that the Sentin-Hub backend is:
⚠ This service is NOT production-ready.

Hi Andrea,
this data mask is in fact available on the SENTINEL1_GRD layer, if you process it with ard_normalized_radar_backscatter.
Maybe try downloading a small area that is processed like this to inspect the various bands that are added.

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@sulova.andrea To avoid confusion in the future I should have been a bit more clear. What I meant is, that if you use the SENTINEL1_GRD collection on the Vito backend the data for this collection comes from Sentinel Hub so the radar shadow will be included.