I just wanted to know why S1_GRD_SIGMA0_ASCENDING/DESCENDING collections are not working properly or not at all.

First here we have “S1_GRD_SIGMA0_ASCENDING” collection :


The spatial extent is Napoli area for May 2023. I don t get why it is cropped.

Then I tried with descending collection and I got this error :

Then I retry for another spatial extent (Genoa) and it works well for both collections.
Why is not working properly for Napoli area ?

Thank you for your answers.


Hi Selim,

Could you provide me with the IDs for the failed batch jobs?

Hello Jan,

The ID of the ascending collection batch job :

The ID of the descending collection batch job :

Re: S1_GRD_SIGMA0_ASCENDING in the Napoli area:

To be expected, as the satellite swath only covers part of this bounding box. As described in the collection description, you can explore the data in this viewer:


Re: S1_GRD_SIGMA0_DESCENDING in the Napoli area:

As the error message says: there’s no data for these spatiotemporal extents.

Thank you ! The link Sentinel-1 GRD (sentinel-hub.com) that you provided in another post is also helpful for this topic.

This part answers to my questionings :

Note: On December 23, 2021, one of the two satellites - Sentinel-1B - encountered an anomaly of the power unit, causing SAR functionality to be lost, and the satellite will be intentionally deorbited in the future. ESA also plans to launch Sentinel-1C in the second quarter of 2023, a process typically followed by 3-6 months of the calibration process. Thus, between December 23, 2021 and the launch of a new satellite, only data from Sentinel-1A is available, which means some areas lost coverage completely, and many others have longer revisit times.