S2 mosaic giving error

I’m trying to create a biweekly S2 mosaic for flanders (seperate job per 2-week period), but it keeps giving errors without any specific information (as far as I can tell). I already removed e.g. using the mask_scl_dilation UDF.

I’m using vito.openeo.be
id: j-2405064fdb3e428a877bbf76ec3c9c00


Hi Pieter,
the job generates a fairly large result (24576x10240 pixels) and seems to go out of memory when writing the final tiff.
The likely solution is to increase the driver-memoryOverhead
as explained on the page below. The default is ‘2GB’, so you can try with something like ‘4GB’, but some trial and error may be required to find an appropriate value.
Do note that increasing memory settings also increases the job cost, but for driver memory this is limited.

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I already tried increasing executor-memoryOverhead, but that didn’t help :-).

I had to increase driver-memoryOverhead to 5 GB for some files, but now it is working.