Sorry to be annoying but just like my previous posts, I tried to get some Sentinel1_CARD4L data and I got this error :

Job ID : vito-j-9abd7ee7c2204a028fead2df1067f3c6
Any idea ?

Thanks for answering,

BEHLOUL Selim are you familiar with this error?

 File "/opt/venv/lib64/python3.8/site-packages/openeogeotrellis/", line 527, in sentinel_hub_pyramid
  File "/opt/spark3_4_0/python/lib/", line 1322, in __call__
    return_value = get_return_value(
  File "/opt/spark3_4_0/python/lib/", line 326, in get_return_value
    raise Py4JJavaError(
py4j.protocol.Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling o1609.datacube_seq.
: org.openeo.geotrellissentinelhub.SentinelHubException: Sentinel Hub returned an error
response: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request with body: {"code":400,"description":"Querying is not supported on property 'polarization'. Possible properties are ."}
request: POST with (possibly abbreviated) body: 
  "datetime": "2022-05-01T00:00:00Z/2022-05-31T23:59:59.999999999Z",
  "collections": ["byoc-608bffb4-5012-4489-abec-71e134a7a609"],
  "filter": "polarization = 'DV'",
  "intersects": {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-7.911120531989407,30.99347728214292],[-7.911120531989407,31.282295972564953],[-7.4910933100804415,31.282295972564953],[-7.4910933100804415,30.99347728214292],[-7.911120531989407,30.99347728214292]]]},
  "limit": 100,
  "next": null
	at org.openeo.geotrellissentinelhub.SentinelHubException$.apply(SentinelHubException.scala:21)
	at org.openeo.geotrellissentinelhub.SentinelHubException$.apply(SentinelHubException.scala:8)
	at org.openeo.geotrellissentinelhub.DefaultCatalogApi.getFeatureCollectionPage$2(CatalogApi.scala:204)
	at org.openeo.geotrellissentinelhub.DefaultCatalogApi.getFeatures$1(CatalogApi.scala:212)

Seems to be a bug where (in this case: auto-)polarization is being applied to a collection that doesn’t support it.

Can’t see a workaround either so I’ll log a ticket and this will be fixed eventually.

Thank you for your answer.
I tried it again this morning, specifying VV-VH polarization and I still get the error.

It would be nice to follow how goes the ticket.

This takes a bit of work @selim.behloul. You can track progress (if any) here: auto-polarization: apply only to specific collections · Issue #473 · Open-EO/openeo-geopyspark-driver · GitHub

A fix for this has been deployed on
I re-ran the task from j-9abd7ee7c2204a028fead2df1067f3c6 and got not errors.

If there are any other issues with this layer, please let us know!


I confirm that the data is now available. However, I still get some warnings and errors at the end of the process.
See the following jobs :

I have another questioning, for which year this data is available ?Because I tried several times for the 2023 and it doesn’t work…

Thank you for your answer !

Hi Selim,
the error and warning messages you see are generated by the Spark processing framework, but they are harmless because it has quite some resilience to errors. So this is a side effect of using a distributed processing system. Unfortunately it’s not always possible for us to filter out all useless messages.

As for 2023, maybe @daniel.thiex knows?

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Hi Jeroen,

I just tried again this morning and it seems that it s not working anymore …

(no logs because the job is not even queued)

Here is the job ID :

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Selim, that’s a weird error, I also don’t see an immediate reason, but could be due to a temporary issue in the datacenter. Can you simply try again?


Hey Jeroen,

I tried again this morning and I still get the error…

Hi Selim,
it works for me when I try to reproduce with the same process graph. Does this ‘show details’ button reveal anything relevant as to your specific error?


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HTTP 402 is “Payment Required” in the HTTP spec. Maybe there’s something wrong with the account? Free Trial expired? Not enough credits?

Indeed, we noticed as well and fixed it!

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