SENTINEL1_GRD missing scenes

Hey there,

It seems that there are no data in the SENTINEL1_GRD collection for the below temporal extent forth 2022

start_date = '2021-12-01'
end_date = '2021-12-31'

spatial_extent  = {'west': -74.06810760, 'east': -73.90597343, 'south': 4.689864510, 'north': 4.724080996, 'crs': 'epsg:4326'} #colombia

s1_cube = connection.load_collection(
     spatial_extent = spatial_extent,
     temporal_extent = [start_date, end_date],
     bands = ['VH','VV'],
     properties = {"polarization": lambda p: p == "DV"}


The collection description says:

10/3/2014, 4:14:15 AM UTC until present

Could you please provide the correct temporal extent in this collection?
Thank you

do you get any data if you drop this part:

Hey Stefaan,

Let me correct the first script. This is the temporal range, which does not provide any data back:

start_date = '2022-01-01'
end_date = '2022-01-31'

However, I have obtained data for this temporal extent:

start_date = '2021-12-01'
end_date = '2021-12-31'

This returns:


Thus, I assume this properties = {"polarization": lambda p: p == "DV"} does not cause any problem.