Hey I try to understand the difference between “SENTINEL2_L2A” and “SENTINEL2_L2A_SENTINELHUB” data.

they both have the description:
“Sentinel-2 top of canopy, 10m resolution with 5 day temporal revisit, full archive provided by EuroDataCube.”

SENTINEL2_L2A seems to have extra bands?

  • RAA_60M
  • SZA_60M
  • VZA_60M

Is the main difference just the hosting, or are they just aliases?
Also when the description says 10m resolution, are all bands scaled to 10m resolution (remember reading that this is the case for vito data)?
Because than the GSD of 10, 30,60 would be a little misleading.

Also 50 characters for the topic is a little slim, and if im needed to specify a buzzword, there should be more.

Hi Jan-Lukas,

this is a good topic to add to the docs, good question.
The SENTINEL2_L2A collection is what we refer to as a ‘harmonized’ collection. It is backed by collections on multiple backends. In this case, Terrascope and Sentinelhub. The current default is to use Sentinelhub, which is why it may indeed look the same.

These additional bands are bands from Terrascope, that we are still harmonizing further. (They correspond to sun and view zenith angles in Sentinelhub.)

So my recommendation is to try and use the SENTINEL2_L2A collection, and openEO platform will automatically try to route your request in an optimal manner. Note that users can also force using of a specific backend, by selecting it through a property in load_collection.

About the resolution: a datacube can only have one resolution, so if data is loaded with multiple resolutions, it is currently all upsampled to the max resolution. In some cases, there is indeed a default, like 10m, depends a bit. This is also an aspect that we’re tuning internally, to try and give optimal performance without loss of resolution.