Snow cover fraction dowload splitted in 9 subtiles

Hi all,
I am trying to download the fractional snow cover “FRACTIONAL_SNOW_COVER” from the openEO Platform for an AOI.
However, it does not consider exactly my spatial extent, but a squared area around it and it is downloading nine separated small subareas. I attach a figure with the shapefile, whose extent is the same extent I tried to filter the collection.

job f7181cfd-c0cb-4d57-b8a6-f9544816bdd3

Please, can you help me how to fix the extent exactly to the AOI and to get a single output?
Thank you

Hi Valentina,

What approach do you use to limit the spatial extent? Pass the AOI to load_collection? Use of filter_bbox/filter_spatial?
I’m not sure what language you work with, but can you share the snippet you are using?

job f7181cfd-c0cb-4d57-b8a6-f9544816bdd3

this doesn’t look like a valid job from openEO Platform. Are you sure this is the job id and are you using another openEO back-end than

Hi Stefaan,
thanks a lot for your reply.
I was trying both approaches, first with load_collection and then with filter_bbox.
I report the first approach here, I am using Python.

bounds=[10.72, 46.64, 11.03, 46.796]

scf = eoconn.load_collection(
    spatial_extent  = {'west':bounds[0],'east':bounds[2],'south':bounds[1],'north':bounds[3],'crs':4326},

I confirm that I authenticated through the Sorry, I think I reported a wrong ID. I think the correct one is this

Thank you very much for your help!

Thanks for that extra info.

I’m not sure I fully understand your problem though.
Is that bounding box bounds=[10.72, 46.64, 11.03, 46.796] the precise bounding box of that purple geometry in your screenshot? Looking at the number of digits in those numbers, I suspect that it was manually constructed. Does that given bounding box correspond to the bounding box of the downloaded result?

Or is the problem that your batch job result consists of 9 separate files, while you expect a single file?

Hi Stefaan,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
Indeed, the exact bounding box of the purple geometry would be
[10.72853895, 46.64728095, 11.03933308, 46.79637875]

I rounded it manually since I thought that maybe the problem was related to the too many digits. Anyway, bot considering the precise bounding box or the rounded one, the results did not change.

I have anyway both problems:

  1. The downloaded results cover a larger area than my AOI;
  2. I would expect a single file, but the job consists in 9 separated files.

Thank you so much for your help

This is apparently a SentinelHub dataset, so CC’ing @daniel.thiex here

@stefaan.lippens would it be possible, for testing, to force the usage of the VITO back-end for this dataset with the load_collection properties?

how do you mean @michele.claus ? The VITO back-end does not provide the FRACTIONAL_SNOW_COVER collection

I thought it was possible via the EURO DATA CUBE connection.

That’s not something we can quickly add I think.
CC @jeroen.dries

@michele.claus FYI I did a quick attempt to add a configuration for FRACTIONAL_SNOW_COVER to
I haven’t tested it myself in depth yet


Thanks Stefaan,

it works now by using The download is now a single netcdf file cut to my AOI!