Trouble Extracting Time Dimension from .nc Files

i want to apply specific analysis (such as classification) in my aoi ie. around
49.33430,10.9868. I want to extract .nc files for this purpose. I am referring this notebook.
SRR2_notebooks/UC3 - Crop type feature engineering using random forest.ipynb at main · openEOPlatform/SRR2_notebooks (
issues>> code is running but the time ‘t’ dimensions are missing.


Is there any specific method or function i need to overlook?

looking at the band names, these look like the features that we compute that describe the time series, hence the time dimension itself is indeed gone.
For classification methods like random forest, this is also needed because it does not support an extra dimension.
The removal of time dimension happens in an ‘apply_dimension’ process, with target=‘bands’. So I you don’t include that step, time dimension should be back.

Thank You. Now I get this error: mentioning -bands does not match. I am confuse which collections does it mean?