CGLS_LAI_V2_GLOBAL sea NaN fill values

I downloaded the CGLS_LAI_V2_GLOBAL dataset, with the extent W=0, E=10, S=40, N=60.

Parts of the sea (near the coast) are filled in with the correct fill value of 255. However, further out at sea the fill value is 129, which is a value for correct data as well.

See the following plot:

Note that the only band available for this collection is “LAI”. While the Copernicus GLS page states that there is also a QFLAG layer which includes the land/sea mask.

apologies, I just noticed that this question remained unanswered.
I tried to reproduce it just now, but it seems like the data came out fine for me.

Could you try again, and maybe share a minimal script that shows the issue? It can depend on things like used file format.
(I’m also checking if qflag can be added easily.)