Web-Editor server-side Validation throws Error 500


Are not available at the moment the options that allow us to validate process on server-side and Edit Process Metadata?

Thank you

I’m not sure I understand your question.

Are you talking about validating a batch job before starting it and editing batch job metadata (e.g. title, description, …)?

Yes, I tried to do some test, but I couldn’t

Sorry, you have to provide more context/info/background to allow us to help you.

What tools are you using? Web editor, python/r client, notebooks, …?
What are you trying to do? Discover collections, processes, validating a process graph, running a batch job, manage batch jobs, …?
What are you expecting and what are you seeing that is unexpected? Do you have error messges, stack traces, corrupt files, …?


validation is currently broken it seems, I only get a 500 error code as well. This is reported here: `/validation` support · Issue #42 · Open-EO/openeo-aggregator · GitHub and is waiting for a fix.

Updating batch job metadata is unsupported and still needs to be implemented on the back-end side. This is now tracked in the following issue: add support for `PATCH /jobs/{job_id}` · Issue #110 · Open-EO/openeo-python-driver · GitHub

Sorry, yes, I tried to validate a process graph and also a batch from jupyter notebooks with python


Yes, there is a 500 error
Thank you.

Hey again,

thanks for the clarification. Yes, both features are not supported right now. The button for validation will soon be hidden from the Editor. In both cases, you may get the desired behavior by creating a new batch job (as a workaround for now).

Here are the corresponding issues if you’d like to track them:

Sorry for any inconvenience.



Thank you for the information