I am using Jupyter Notebooks with openEO Python.
In order to see the different results in each collection and process as xarrayDataset o xarrayDatarray, I have been saving the results as netCDF format, is there other way to see the outcomes?
Is possible to change de name (openEO.nc) of the output file?

spatial_extent = {“west”: 2.15, “east”: 2.2, “south”: 42.15, “north”: 42.2, ‘crs’:‘EPSG:4326’}
temporal_extent = [“2020-01-01”, “2020-03-31”]
bands = [“B02”,“B03”,“B04”]
s2_l2a = conn.load_collection(collection,spatial_extent=spatial_extent,bands=bands,temporal_extent=temporal_extent)
s2_l2a_netcdf = s2_l2a.save_result(format=‘netCDF’)

job_1 = s2_l2a_netcdf.send_job(title=“L2A_1_ex”)
job_id_1 = job_1.job_id
if job_id_1:
print("Batch job created with id: ",job_id_1)


Downloading your result as NetCDF or GeoTIFF file and loading it yourself as an array is indeed the current way of doing that.
This feature request has come up previously (e.g. see Direct import of downloaded rasters · Issue #7 · Open-EO/openeo-python-client · GitHub) but we don’t have a solution yet.

If you work with a batch job, it’s possible to have fine-grained control of how the results are downloaded, as discussed at Batch Jobs — openEO Python Client 0.9.3a2 documentation

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